Smile Makeovers in Mesa, AZ 

Smile Makeovers in Mesa, AZ 

Are you too embarrassed to smile because your teeth look bad? Chips, cracks, fractures, or misaligned teeth can make your smile look like you neglect your teeth. It can also age you prematurely because damaged teeth make some people appear older.

Fortunately, our dentist in Mesa, AZ, has the skills to give you a smile makeover that will provide you with a new appearance.

How Do Dentists Change Smiles?

Our dentist at U Smile Family Dentistry offers many procedures to renew your teeth’ appearance and improve your smile. For instance, if your teeth sustain damage due to a sports injury or decay, veneers or bonding can hide the flaws so that your teeth look new.

Although some people are famous for gaps in their teeth, others may think they’re unattractive and want to get rid of them. Dental bonding or using Invisalign® aligners to push teeth together can completely change how your teeth appear.

After evaluating your teeth, our dentist can decide which procedures to use to give you a smile makeover. Many of these treatments are non-invasive and only need a visit or two to our dentist’s office to complete.

Brightening Your Smile

Not all procedures involve hiding or changing your smile. Sometimes, improving their appearance may be as simple as whitening your teeth. The foods and drinks you like can leave temporary stains on teeth that only bleaching them will get out.

Our dentist near you in Mesa, AZ, can give you teeth up to 10 shades brighter with chairside teeth whitening in about an hour.

Replacing Teeth

If you are missing teeth, the procedures you can choose from to replace them are quite different. A dental bridge or implants are popular options for teeth replacement.

While a bridge needs two or three visits to our office to replace your teeth, dental implants may need nine months to heal after going into your jaw. However, implants function like natural teeth, so they could be worth the time commitment for you to wait for them to heal.

If your smile needs help to look better, book an appointment with our dentist at U Smile Family Dentistry. They can examine your teeth and recommend the best procedures for a smile makeover near you to improve your appearance.