Pocket Irrigation in Mesa, AZ

Pocket Irrigation in Mesa, AZ

Skipping dental examinations and cleanings, along with poor oral hygiene, can lead to dental problems like tooth decay and periodontitis or gum disease. Pocket irrigation involves removing food debris, plaque, and other particles from between teeth and within gum pockets. This procedure prevents decay from forming and keeps bacterial and fungal infections from developing.

What Causes Pockets to Form?

When you maintain good oral hygiene, the gums fit snuggly around the teeth and do not become irritated because of plaque buildup. If you don’t brush your teeth regularly, the gums will become inflamed and swollen by untreated plaque and tartar and start to loosen around teeth. When gums are loose, they can form spaces, or pockets, around the roots of teeth.

While cleaning your teeth, our dentist in Mesa, AZ, will carefully inspect the gums to look for signs of periodontitis, which includes gum pocketing. Pockets around teeth can become a breeding ground for decay-causing bacteria. During pocket irrigation near you, special attention goes to cleaning out the pockets to prevent decay and get rid of the infection within them.

How are the Pockets Irrigated?

When pocket irrigation in Mesa, AZ is required to flush an infection out of the gum pocket, this treatment is often followed by teeth cleaning or pocket reduction surgery. If the pocket needs irrigation, a dental irrigator is used to remove debris, plaque, and infection from the pocket. The irrigator resembles a water pic.

To clean out the pocket, water is used in the irrigator to get rid of anything in the pocket. Using an irrigator is easier on the soft tissues of the gums than flossing is, so irrigation will not damage your gums. After rinsing the pocket, our dentist near you may use an antimicrobial agent to prevent plaque and tartar from growing within it.

If you notice swollen, red, or irritated gums, make an appointment with Dr. Khoshaba at U Smile Family Dentistry. You could have gum disease that has formed pockets and need pocket irrigation near you. Periodontitis can have serious consequences for your teeth and treatments are needed right away.