Oral Cancer Screenings in Mesa, AZ

Oral Cancer Screenings in Mesa, AZ

Dental professionals are not just teeth experts, but they are also well educated about diseases of the entire mouth and head. During routine visits to our dentist in Mesa, AZ, they will examine your mouth for abnormal growths, ulcerations, and lesions that are white, red, or dark. Oral cancer screenings are also performed at U Smile Family Dentistry to try to detect cancer early.

Why Dentists Look for Cancer

The goal of screening for oral cancer is to find it early so that lesions are easier to remove and give patients a better chance of survival. During Stage 1 of mouth cancer, over 90 percent of those diagnosed with it survive. However, as it progresses and spreads, the survival rate goes down, which is why it’s critical to find it as early as possible.

Types of Oral Cancer

Oral or mouth cancer comes in many forms and bears the name of its location. Patients may have:

  • Lip Cancer
  • Inner Cheek Cancer
  • Hard Palate Cancer (Roof of the Mouth)
  • Floor of Mouth Cancer
  • Tongue Cancer
  • Gum Cancer

When our dentist near you does oral cancer screenings in Mesa, AZ, they will look for mouth cancer signs. These signs can include:

  • Hard lumps on the cheek, lip, or tongue
  • Red, white, or dark patches on soft tissues of the mouth
  • Thick areas on the gums or lips
  • Gums that bleed or crack
  • Sore throats that linger
  • Mouth numbness

Causes of Mouth Cancer

Oral cancer is also known as lifestyle cancer because people’s bad habits can cause it. For instance, although men are more susceptible to it, women can also get this cancer if they use tobacco products or drink excessively. While the average age of diagnosis is 62, about a fourth of mouth cancers occur in people 55 and younger.

Our dentist in Mesa, AZ will need to sample the tissue from the tumor, sore, or suspicious patch that they find to determine if you have cancer. The sooner your treatment starts, the better your chances of survival.

If our dentist at U Smile Family Dentistry finds suspicious signs of mouth cancer during oral cancer screenings near you, don’t panic but follow their instructions. Also, refrain from smoking or drinking, and get treatment right away if warranted. It can save your life.