Invisalign® in Mesa, AZ

Invisalign® in Mesa, AZ

Crooked teeth are more than embarrassing for the people who have them. They are bad for your oral health too. They can cause complications for the health of your teeth and sometimes lead to problems for other parts of the body. Fortunately, our dentist at U Smile Family Dentistry can help adults straighten their teeth with Invisalign® aligners.

What are the Consequences of Crooked Teeth?

There are several causes of crooked teeth: babies’ thumb sucking, thrusting tongues against teeth, breathing through the mouth, and injuries. Our dentist in Mesa, AZ, can use aligners to get teeth back in alignment in a few weeks or months. However, crooked teeth can have several consequences like those below.

Bad Breath

A minor consequence of crooked teeth is bad breath. The odor comes from food debris that gets trapped between teeth and breaks down into bacteria. Getting Invisalign® near you can correct this problem.

Faster Wear

Your teeth wear out faster when they keep rubbing against each other. It wears the enamel, eventually causing problems like cavities or infections. If an infection moves into your bloodstream, it can reach your vital organs like the heart and damage the valves.

Chewing Can Be Difficult

If your crooked teeth result from jaw misalignment, you may not be able to chew food thoroughly. Swallowing larger pieces of food can cause stomach upset and choking. Our dentist near you may be able to use aligners to correct your misalignment or recommend a surgical realignment for more severe cases.

Gum Disease is More Likely

Crooked teeth are difficult to clean because debris becomes trapped between them, leading to a more frequent buildup of plaque and tartar. Tartar buildup can lead to tooth decay that can spread to your gum, causing severe problems for your teeth, gums, and jawbone.

These are only a few of the consequences of crooked teeth. If you have crooked teeth that overlap, tooth extraction may be necessary before getting Invisalign® in Mesa, AZ to straighten them. If you’re concerned about your crooked teeth, contact our dentist at U Smile Family Dentistry to schedule an evaluation to see if aligners are the best solution for your oral health.