Fluoride Treatments in Mesa, AZ

Fluoride Treatments in Mesa, AZ

The primary cause of tooth loss is tooth decay. On average, a person loses up to 12 teeth to this preventable dental problem. One reason that tooth decay is rampant is the lack of fluoride in drinking water. Fortunately, our dentist, Dr. Tia Khoshaba, in Mesa, AZ, can use fluoride treatments to prevent adults and children from losing teeth.

What Is Fluoride?

Due to the controversy of adding fluoride to drinking water, some people may not be aware that fluoride is a natural mineral. It’s the 13th leading element in the Earth’s crust, so it’s found in plant-based foods and in water. However, it is not evenly distributed on Earth.

While many cities and towns have fluoride in their drinking water naturally, other areas don’t, so their water needs to be supplemented with it. A lack of fluoride will make residents susceptible to tooth decay, especially if they eat sugary treats and drink soda, juice, and other drinks high in sugar.

Fluoride Treatments

If Dr. Khoshaba at U Smile Family Dentistry examines your teeth and finds several cavities, then we may recommend fluoride treatments near you to help prevent cavities and preserve your teeth. Some forms of the treatment include:

  • Fluoride Gel
  • Fluoride Foam
  • Fluoride Varnish
  • Fluoride Supplements

If you have severe tooth decay, then Dr. Khoshaba may have you visit us every three months or so to receive treatments. Both adults and children can receive treatments, with children as young as six months old able to get them.

How Long Are Treatments?

Our dentist will apply the fluoride on your teeth directly by painting them on your teeth or having you bite down on a dental tray with gel or foam in it. The treatment only lasts a few minutes. After the application, our dentist in Mesa will have you rinse your teeth to get rid of any excess fluoride. If accidentally swallowed, you may feel nauseous from the mineral for about 24 hours.

If you’re having issues with cavities, make an appointment with our dentist near you at U Smile Family Dentistry to discuss your situation.