Partials and Full Dentures in Mesa, AZ

Partials and Full Dentures in Mesa, AZ

If several teeth on one jaw are missing or need removing, you will need to decide how to replace them. Some dentists may suggest partials or full dentures to replace your teeth. However, getting a full set of dentures will require removing all your teeth instead of the few that are in bad shape. Our dentist at U Smile Family Dentistry may suggest a partial instead.

What is a Partial?

A partial denture is a plate that goes over your lower jaw or against the roof of your mouth to replace teeth on your upper jaw. It can replace one or the entire jaw full of teeth. While most partials are removable, you can also choose an implant-supported partial.

Removable Partials

To begin the process of getting a partial, our dentist in Mesa, AZ, will make an impression of your teeth and send it to a dental laboratory. Using an impression, the plate will be customized to the shape of your mouth so that the partial fits precisely. Pontics can take the place of missing teeth or those that the dentist is removing.

A partial may also take the place of an entire jaw full of teeth. If you have gum disease or multiple infected teeth, our dentist near you will remove all teeth and replace them with a partial. Most partials and full dentures near you are removable so that you can clean them to prevent infections and other problems.

Looks Natural

The partial that comes back from the dental lab looks as natural as possible. It contains fake teeth, or pontics, to replace your natural ones. They will blend in with your teeth because our dentist near you will request the shade that matches them. The pontics go into a pink acrylic base that fits over the jaw or the roof of the mouth if it’s an upper plate.

If you’re having problems with your teeth, contact our dentist at U Smile Family Dentistry. They can examine them to determine how to repair or replace them. Partials and full dentures in Mesa, AZ, may be the best alternatives for you to have healthy teeth and a beautiful smile again.