Bridges in Mesa, AZ

Bridges in Mesa, AZ

Missing teeth can cause several problems, such as damaging self-confidence, causing the remaining teeth to loosen, and leaving you unable to chew your food correctly. Fortunately, our dentist at U Smile Family Dentistry can use bridges in Mesa, AZ, to replace their patients’ teeth and rebuild their confidence.

Selecting the Right Bridge

Along with replacing teeth, the goal of a bridge is to keep your remaining teeth healthy. If teeth are removed or knocked out in a traumatic accident, they need replacements as soon as possible. Otherwise, the remaining healthy teeth will start to lean because they no longer have support. This action can cause them to loosen and eventually fall out.

Traditional Bridge

The bridge that dentists, including our dentist in Mesa, AZ, use the most is the traditional or fixed bridge. It has one or more fake teeth called pontics bonded to dental crowns. The crowns fit onto nearby remaining healthy teeth for support. A fixed bridge closes the gap between teeth and keeps them healthy.

Cantilever Bridge

A cantilever bridge is another type of fixed bridge, except it only has support on one side. It only has one crown that supports the bridge. Our dentist near you may select it to fit at the back of the jaw where the teeth end. However, It can go in other places in the mouth where there is only one tooth to support it.

Maryland Bridge

The Maryland bridge has support on each end of it, but rather than use crowns over healthy teeth for support. It has metal wings that attach to the back of the healthy teeth beside it. By having a framework behind the teeth, no one can tell you have a bridge when you eat or smile.

Implant-supported Bridge

If you have more than one gap in your teeth, implant-supported bridges near you may be your best option. The bridge attaches to implants embedded in your jaw, which helps the teeth function more like your natural ones. It can take several months for this type of bridge to heal completely, so consider it carefully if you’re a candidate for it.

If you’re missing teeth, contact our dentist at U Smile Family Dentistry about bridges to keep your remaining teeth healthy and get your confidence back with a winning smile.