Composite Dental Fillings IN MESA, AZ

Composite Dental Fillings IN MESA, AZ

Although many people have never had a cavity thanks to dental sealants, dental decay is still the most common problem that dentists resolve. When a cavity needs filling, patients can choose between several materials. If you don’t want your fillings to show, you should consider composite fillings by our dentists at U Smile Family Dentistry in Mesa, AZ.

Why are Fillings Necessary?

To understand why dental fillings are needed, you should understand what a cavity is and what it can do to a tooth. A cavity is a hole in the enamel of a tooth created by dental decay. You may not realize you have a cavity until the hole exposes the tooth’s nerve, which can cause pain when consuming hot or cold foods or drinks.

Cavities can also cause teeth to ache, which signals that you should go to a dentist. Upon discovering the cavity, one of our dentists will remove the decay, which often means enlarging the hole in the enamel. Then, they will fill the hole to keep the decay from returning and restore your ability to use the tooth to chew and speak.

Filling Materials

Our dentists at U Smile Family Dentistry give their patients in Mesa, AZ, several options for materials when filling cavities. However, if you are concerned about people seeing the dental work you have, then selecting composite fillings will not only protect your tooth, but many people will never see your fillings.

The composite material that goes in the tooth is a combination of ceramic and plastic that produces a strong substance. The composite allows a tooth to bear up to 95 percent of the weight a natural tooth does, and it restores the patient’s ability to eat the foods they love. More people are choosing composite fillings because they blend in with natural teeth so well.

Our dentists at U Smile Family Dentistry can match the composite color to the shade of your teeth. Not all teeth are perfectly white, so our dentists in Mesa, AZ, can add the tints necessary to match your teeth. If you’re interested in getting composite fillings, contact our offices for an appointment.