Children’s Dentistry in Mesa, AZ

Children’s Dentistry in Mesa, AZ

While general dentists can examine and repair children’s teeth, they do not have specific training to care for kids’ teeth. Children’s dentistry involves caring for your child’s teeth, starting when their first tooth erupts at around six months old. Our dentist at U Smile Family Dentistry will make sure their teeth develop correctly and recommend treatments or procedures if they don’t.

When to Start Dental Visits?

It’s crucial for children to get familiar with going to dentists for regular checkups. Children’s dentists recommend that kids start going to their dentists beginning within six months of their first tooth’s arrival. Since the first primary teeth usually arrive at six months old, children should start dental visits by 12 months.

If you don’t start dental visits until they are two or three years old, toddlers may already have cavities when visiting dentists. Our dentist in Mesa, AZ, encourages parents to bring in their children by the age of one to ensure that their teeth are developing correctly. Children should start visiting their dentists once every six months to ensure their teeth remain healthy.

When Do Permanent Teeth Emerge?

Your child’s permanent teeth start coming in at around six years old and stop at about 20. Although their first teeth are temporary, taking care of them will develop necessary lifetime habits. Our dentist can also prevent any long-term dental problems by catching and treating them early.

They can help parents by recommending that they avoid giving their children sugary drinks and brush their teeth at bedtime. Brushing their teeth at night gets rid of food and drink debris from the day to prevent cavities from developing. In the morning, brushing their teeth is vital to get rid of plaque to keep it from sticking to teeth and developing into tartar.

Finding Your Child a Dentist

Our dentist at U Smile Family Dentistry will take care of every aspect of your child’s oral health, from cavity prevention using dental sealants or fluoride varnish to straightening teeth and repairing them when necessary.

If your family needs children’s dentistry, visit our dentist in Mesa, AZ. They and their staff can help care for your child’s teeth so that they remain healthy and develop into a beautiful smile.