Bone Grafting in Mesa, AZ

Bone Grafting in Mesa, AZ

When a patient has severe dental decay or gum disease, they can lose some of their jawbone tissue to erosion from decay. The condition of the bone is often not discovered until they are undergoing a dental procedure like getting dental implants. Our dentist, Dr. Tia Khoshaba in Mesa, AZ, can do bone grafting to replace teeth with implants.

What is a Bone Graft?

A bone graft helps rebuild the jawbone using a bone from the patient’s body or a donor bone from a tissue bank. A graft may also be done by adding synthetic grafting materials to the bone so that the materials mesh with it to create a denser jawbone.

Bone grafting is sometimes necessary for patients to qualify for dental implants after dental extractions. It may also be done to replace a jawbone that’s eroded from gum disease or damage due to trauma.

What is the Recovery Time for Bone Grafts?

It can take several months for the grafting site to heal and the donor bone or grafting material to fuse before an implant is embedded in the jaw. Several factors go into the time for recovery, including the patient’s age and physical and overall health. It takes about 3 to 12 months before Dr. Khoshaba at U Smile Family Dentistry can put in the implants.

To ensure that the grafting was successful, and that the graft is healing properly, patients will need follow-up examinations with Dr. Khoshaba in Mesa, AZ. Patients can shorten the healing process by eating soft, room-temperature foods that don’t require chewing. Some of the food recommendations include:

  • Oatmeal
  • Scrambled Eggs
  • Mashed Potatoes
  • Fruit Purees
  • Pudding

If you want to get dental implants in Mesa, AZ, make an appointment with Dr. Khosaba at U Smile Family Dentistry to have your jawbone examined. They can measure your jaw and then give you bone grafting options if it’s needed to support implants.