ALL-ON-4® Dental Implants IN MESA, AZ

ALL-ON-4® Dental Implants IN MESA, AZ

If you’re not happy with the appearance of your smile because you’re missing some teeth, our dentist in Mesa, AZ, offers several procedures for replacing them. While you can get bridges or dentures to fill in gaps, a better solution may be dental implants. U Smile Family Dentistry offers All-on-4® implants that are great alternatives to standard dentures and bridges.

Implant Options for Replacing Teeth

Whether you’ve lost teeth due to trauma or decay, our dentistry offers implant solutions that can replace them. All-on-4® implants near you function like natural teeth and can help you with speaking clearly and chewing thoroughly. They also have several advantages over standard dentures and bridges.

Reduces Slippage and Friction

Unlike false teeth, dental implants don’t sit on top of gums. They attach to the roots embedded in the gums to stay in place. While adhesives can keep dentures from coming loose while eating, the adhesives don’t always work well. They often dissipate from wearing dentures all day, getting food between the gums.

By attaching to the titanium screws, the implants will not slip and cause friction when patients eat seeds or raw like carrots because they have a snug fit. Also, these implant solutions will not interfere with your ability to speak.

Stimulates Bone Growth

The roots of natural teeth stimulate growth to keep jawbones strong, but dentures and bridges do not. Since Dr. Khoshaba embeds the titanium roots of All-on-4® implants into your gums, they can also stimulate bone growth and may replace some of the bone loss you’ve experienced.

Able to Wear Implants 24/7

Wearing regular dentures to bed is possibly a choking hazard because they can loosen while you’re sleeping. They could also get stuck in your mouth and block your airway, causing you to wake at night, gasping for air. The implants are attached so that they cannot come loose, and patients can wear them 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

If you have teeth removed, you should consider having Dr. Khoshaba at U Smile Family Dentistry replace them with All-on-4® implants in Mesa, AZ. Our dentist near you can offer teeth that function like natural ones, allowing you to smile with confidence again.