Are you accepting new dental patients?
Yes, U Smile Family Dentistry in Mesa is currently accepting new dental patients. Visit our website (https://www.usmiledent.com/) to schedule your appointment and experience personalized care.
What to expect in your first visit to dentistry?
Your first visit to U Smile Family Dentistry involves a thorough examination, personalized treatment planning, and a chance to discuss any concerns. Our Team is committed to making your initial experience comfortable and informative.
Do we really need to see a dentist every six months?
Regular dental check-ups every six months at U Smile Family Dentistry are essential for preventive care, catching issues early, and maintaining optimal oral health. Our same-day emergency dentistry service ensures timely attention to urgent dental needs.
How quickly can you get a same-day emergency dentistry appointment?
U Smile Family Dentistry prioritizes same-day emergency dentistry appointments for urgent cases. Contact us promptly, and our dedicated Team will strive to accommodate your immediate dental needs.
What type of dental emergencies need same-day emergency dentistry?
Urgent dental issues like severe toothaches, broken teeth, or sudden injuries require same-day emergency dentistry. U Smile Family Dentistry is ready to provide prompt and reliable care for these situations.
How long will teeth extraction hurt?
The discomfort after teeth extraction varies, but U Smile Family Dentistry employs advanced techniques to minimize pain. Our Team will guide you on post-extraction care for a smoother recovery.
Can you still get cavities with sealants?
Sealants offer effective cavity protection, but regular dental check-ups at U Smile Family Dentistry are still necessary. Despite sealants, maintaining good oral hygiene is crucial to prevent cavities.
Is bone grafting necessary for dental implants?
Bone grafting may be required for dental implants to ensure a strong foundation. U Smile Family Dentistry provides comprehensive implant services, including expert bone grafting when needed.
What is the best age to get veneers?
The best age for veneers varies, but U Smile Family Dentistry recommends considering them after the teenage years when the teeth and face have largely matured. Schedule a consultation for personalized advice.
What is the fastest natural way to whiten teeth?
For a fast, natural way to whiten teeth, U Smile Family Dentistry suggests maintaining good oral hygiene, avoiding stain-causing foods, and using baking soda or activated charcoal sparingly.
Is dentist fluoride treatment necessary?
While fluoride treatment can be beneficial, U Smile Family Dentistry tailors recommendations based on individual needs. Regular check-ups will help determine if fluoride treatment is necessary for your oral health.
Do you accept dental insurance?
U Smile Family Dentistry does accept dental insurance. Please check their website or contact the office to inquire about specific accepted dental insurance plans.
Are you guys accepting Medicaid insurance?
Yes, U Smile Family Dentistry accepts Medicaid insurance for dental services.
Is direct billing on insurance available for treatment?
Direct billing on insurance is available for treatment at U Smile Family Dentistry, ensuring a convenient and seamless process for patients.
What dental procedures are covered by medical insurance?
Covered dental procedures under medical insurance vary, and U Smile Family Dentistry can provide detailed information based on your specific plan. Visit their website or contact them directly for personalized assistance.
What insurance do you accept?
U Smile Family Dentistry accepts a range of insurance plans. For details on accepted insurances, visit this page https://www.usmiledent.com/insurance-financing/ or contact their office directly.
What if my insurance doesn't cover a recommended treatment?
If your insurance doesn't cover a recommended treatment, U Smile Family Dentistry can discuss alternative payment options or provide information on potential solutions. Contact them for personalized assistance based on your situation.