Why Replacing Lost Teeth Is Important

Why Replacing Lost Teeth Is Important

May 1, 2021

A smile tells more about your day before you even begin to speak. It invites people to hold meaningful and positive conversations with you. However, when you have one or more teeth missing, it is difficult to share your smile with the world. Not only do you worry about your first impressions, but also that your self-confidence is at stake.

Fortunately, you do not have to spend the rest of your life without teeth. Whether due to traumatic accidents or severe dental decay, you can have your tooth replaced by a dentist near you. The versatility incorporated in tooth replacement procedures in dentistry is definitely one to grab your attention.

What Are Dental Replacements?

They are oral procedures meant for replacing lost teeth. They involve the use of different oral appliances to feature as artificial replacement teeth for the lost ones. For many patients, the replacement entails a dental bridge, which consists of an artificial tooth and dental crowns to support it. This is usually the case for patients who have lost a single tooth.

However, other patients need oral appliances that can replace multiple teeth at a go. For this, dentures have proven useful. You can have either partial or full dentures, depending on the number of teeth you have lost.

On a very different scope, whether for a single tooth or multiple, dental implants are used as permanent teeth replacement appliances. They involve inserting a metal post in your jawbone, hence replacing the root of a tooth first. Afterward, a dental crown or other oral appliance is placed over the metal fixture, to fully restore the missing teeth smile. If you need multiple teeth restored with implants, you can get multiple implants. Alternatively, a couple is placed strategically in your mouth, then a denture is placed over them to complete the procedure.

Benefits of Dental Replacements

The number one reason you should consider dental replacements is to boost your self-confidence. If you are feeling good about your appearance, then you are ready for the world. Aside from a heightened self-confidence, however, some other benefits of replacing teeth include the following:

  1. To preserve the health of your gums – the gums and teeth are interdependent. While gums provide teeth with support as well as nourishment through soft tissues, teeth also benefit the gums. The health of your gums is sustained by continuously holding teeth in place. Without teeth, the gum tissue will recede and appear unhealthy.
  2. To preserve the bone tissue – it is not just your gums that deteriorate after losing teeth. When teeth are missing, the jawbone at the site of the lost tooth also begins to deteriorate. As the bone tissue breaks down, it messes up the framework of the jawbone.
  3. To restore the optimal functionality of the mouth – teeth play a significant role in the functioning of the oral cavity. Activities like chewing and speaking are reinforced by teeth. When you have missing teeth, you will have a problem with word pronunciation, as well as difficulties chewing and biting foods. For such functions to be restored, you need to replace your lost teeth.
  4. To maintain proper dental alignment – did you know that having all your teeth in place is important in orthodontics. One of the reasons why teeth are ill-positioned in the mouth is because of extra space. When there is space between your teeth, the rest of the teeth tend to shift and move to fill up space thereof. By replacing the lost teeth, you disallow the shifting of the adjacent teeth, therefore, preserving your proper dental alignment.
  5. To save face – the appearance of your face does not just rely on the outside thereof. Your teeth are important for supporting the facial muscles, giving you a fuller and more youthful appearance. When you lose teeth, therefore, and fail to replace them, your facial muscles may appear droopy and allow for facial lines and wrinkles that are not cosmetically pleasing to the eyes.
  6. For smile beautification – when you have a missing tooth, it is the first thing people notice when you smile. Somehow people are drawn to the flaws in a smile before they notice the beauty thereof. The efforts to replace your lost tooth will ensure that there isn’t a gap for people to stare at when you smile. Besides, a complete smile is the epitome of a beautiful smile.
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