Four Essential Reasons to Replace Your Missing Tooth in U Smile Family Dentistry Mesa

Four Essential Reasons to Replace Your Missing Tooth in U Smile Family Dentistry Mesa

March 1, 2023

Aesthetically it is never an enjoyable experience when you miss a tooth. In addition, you find it embarrassing and uncomfortable to display gaps between your teeth. However, are you aware that a missing tooth causes more harm to your dental health besides impacting your aesthetic appearance?

If you are unaware of the consequences of losing a tooth, we suggest you read this article to understand why replacing a missing tooth is essential. Discuss your situation with your dentist, who will provide comprehensive instructions advising replacing a missing tooth is not challenging as replacement solutions like partial dentures, dental implants, and bridges can help achieve your goal of having an aesthetic appearance without confronting the consequences of tooth loss. Mentioned below are four important reasons for seeking a missing tooth replacement.

Teeth Misalignment

When you miss a single tooth, it disrupts the lining of your remaining teeth, which remain in alignment when all your teeth are present. However, if you don’t have a single tooth, the remaining teeth start drifting toward the void to close the gap. The teeth in your upper or lower jaw also start moving upwards or downwards to shift your teeth out of alignment. The problem causes changes in your bite, making you need orthodontic treatments later if you don’t replace the missing tooth as soon as possible. In addition, the tooth gap in your mouth becomes a breeding ground for food particles to remain trapped and encourage bacteria to create infections like tooth decay and gum disease that need frequent treatments from the dentist near you to fill cavities or receive deep cleanings.

Facial Structure Changes

Loss of a single tooth disrupts your facial balance because your jawbone doesn’t receive the stimulation needed from the biting and chewing forces. As a result, your jawbone starts to deteriorate, resulting in the sagging of your facial appearance. In addition, your facial muscles start drooping over time, making you need bone grafting from family dentistry Mesa if you intend to replace the missing tooth using dental implants.

Mental Health Disorders

You might think we are joking when we mention a missing tooth can also cause mental health disorders. However, when you have a tooth missing from your mouth, you will realize the challenges you confront when biting or chewing with a hole between your teeth. You may think the problem is consequential because you might have expected it as a kid. However, the problem is different for adults because it results in changes to your speech patterns resulting in a loss of confidence. Whether you get a replacement tooth using dental implants or any other solution, it covers the gap in your mouth while restoring your eating, smiling, and speaking patterns and helping you maintain appropriate dental care to prevent infections.

TMJ Disorders

Your temporomandibular joints represent the muscles on the side of your head connecting your jaw to your skull. When you miss a tooth, it exerts extra pressure on your jaw muscles to cause discomfort. Failure to replace the missing tooth makes you a victim of persistent jaw pain that makes it challenging to open and close your mouth besides hearing clicking sounds when doing so. It also sends you to the Mesa dentist seeking treatment for TMJ disorders by receiving nonsurgical or intensive therapies if your condition has aggravated.

Instead of enduring the consequences of missing a single tooth, wouldn’t you benefit from having the tooth replaced by contacting the Mesa family dentistry clinic providing various tooth replacement options to restore your facial appearance, aesthetics, and functionality? Discuss your situation with the dentist and examine your mouth to determine which replacement solution best suits your needs. Advances in dental technology currently make available different tooth replacement solutions. However, you are responsible for seeking them because they do not call you to correct the problem affecting you.

Whether missing several teeth or one tooth getting it replaced as soon as possible is a priority you mustn’t ignore. Delay in getting the tooth replaced increases your chances of confronting the consequences discussed in this article, besides making you need intensive procedures like bone grafting if you desire a permanent replacement solution using dental implants as an option for replacing your missing tooth.

Whether you have a missing tooth in the aesthetic zone or the back of your mouth, U Smile Family Dentistry provides a solution to replace it to prevent the consequences of tooth loss. Consult this practice today to discuss your situation and select a replacement solution they recommend best for your needs.

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