What is the Most Common Cosmetic Dental Procedure in Mesa?

With age, our tooth enamel wears out due to everyday use. The enamel becomes translucent and turns a darker and yellowish color. Other factors also play a vital role in affecting the shade of your teeth. Chewing tobacco, smoking, and consuming drinks and foods with high acidic and sugar levels and staging properties can also discolor your teeth with constant use. The best way to whiten your teeth again is with professional teeth whitening.

When you get your teeth professionally whitened, the dentist will monitor the progress and use whitening products in a safe amount. The entire in-office whitening procedure can take around one hour to finish. Cosmetic dentist Mesa advises patients to get professional teeth whitening before receiving aesthetic dental treatment. It’s because bleaching agents used in the procedure cannot make the existing dental restorations white.

How is In-Office Teeth Whitening Procedure Done?

Here is what you can expect with office teeth whitening:

  • The dentist will begin the procedure by taking the current color of your teeth.
  • Next, he/she will polish the teeth using pumice. It’s a grainy dental material that the dentist uses to eradicate plaque build-up on the surfaces of teeth.
  • Then, the dentist puts gauze in your mouth to keep the teeth dry.
  • He/she may also use a retractor to isolate lips, tongue, and cheeks from the teeth-whitening agents. Then, the dentist puts a barrier along the gum lining. It will protect it from exposure to the whitening solution.
  • After that, the professional will coat the front surface of the teeth using a whitening solution. It either includes carbamide peroxide or hydrogen peroxide.
  • Then, the Mesa dentist near you leaves the whitening solution for 30-60 minutes. He/she may also reapply it occasionally, depending upon the brand. Once the desired shade has been accomplished, the dentist will wash the teeth.
  • To help with tooth sensitivity, the dentist may use a fluoride treatment.
  • You may require additional visits to the dentists.

Reasons to Getting Teeth Whitened in a Dental Clinic

Below are the benefits of in-office teeth whitening:

Makes You Feel Confident in Professional or Special Situations

Whether you are getting ready for your date, need to shoot your wedding pictures, or have an interview for a job, getting in-office teeth whitening will offer a dazzling smile. It makes you feel confident everywhere you go.

Improves Your Appearance

Teeth whitening when professionally done makes you appear much more attractive. The treatment works by minimizing the stains on teeth and the visibility of surrounding wrinkles on the face.


Getting the teeth professionally whitened doesn’t mean you need to spend more money. The procedure will offer you an excellent outcome without breaking the bank.

Do Not Damage Your Teeth

This cosmetic procedure does not damage tooth enamel or increase sensitivity in any way. Rather, the cosmetic treatment is designed to get rid of the stains from the teeth surfaces.

Offers a Positive Outlook

The in-office whitening procedure lets you show off a beautiful smile to the world. It not only changes your mood but gives you a positive outlook on life too.

Accomplish Great Results in One Hour

Another advantage of professional teeth whitening is that you can achieve a superior outcome in around one hour. The dentist will help you lighten your teeth by eight shades.

Protects Teeth

When you get in-office teeth whitening treatment at U Smile Family Dentistry, the dentist also suggests a dental examination. It’s mainly when you have cavities or a tiny crack on the tooth. It helps in protecting teeth with professional care.

Prevent Irritation to the Gums

The teeth whitening strips and trays available in the local stores cannot fit the mouth of everyone. Also, few active ingredients in the products will get in touch with the soft tissues inside the mouth, resulting in irritation to the gum.

But when it comes to getting the teeth whitened professionally, the dentist will use protective measures to protect cheeks, gums, and tongue from the damage caused by the active teeth whitening ingredient.

Get it Today

Teeth whitening treatment is a good choice for those that desire straighter teeth. You and your dental expert will decide how white you want the teeth to be. Call dentist Mesa now.