Cosmetic Dentistry: Professional Teeth Whitening for Smokers

Several factors are responsible for tooth discoloration, including nicotine, which can also contribute to the stains. However, you can consider professional and over-the-counter remedies to make your teeth brighter again.

Can Nicotine Make Teeth to Stain?

Yes, chewing tobacco or smoking can make your tooth enamel more susceptible to staining. After you start using nicotine products, your teeth don’t require much time to appear yellow. However, if you use the products continually, you might find your teeth turning darker or beginning to look brown.

Does Nicotine Damage Merely the Appearance of the Teeth?

The appearance of your teeth is not the only consequence of using nicotine products. Your gums also take a beating from regular exposure to nicotine. If you are a smoker, the chances are high that your immune system is not robust. The CDC states the weaker immune system makes it challenging for you to fight gum disease. Smokers have twice the risk of gum disease and gum damage because you find it challenging for your gums to heal.

How Long Does Teeth Whitening Last If You Smoke?

When removing nicotine stains from your teeth, the technique you choose depends on many factors, including the severity of the stains, your budget, and how often you can receive the treatments. However, you can find three categories of teeth whitening options to remove the stains. They are professional teeth whitening treatments from a dentist, at-home treatments, and DIY remedies.

How long you can retain the whiteness of your teeth depends entirely on the technique you choose to whiten them. As nicotine stains every tooth in the mouth, you find it challenging to keep your teeth white using over-the-counter products like toothpaste and whitening strips. It is why smokers place trust in professional services from dentists.

The dentist near me provides effective teeth whitening remedies that help eradicate nicotine stains in a process involving painting your teeth with hydrogen peroxide and exposing them to intense light. The procedure is painless and requires about one hour two complete.

You can also request at-home teeth whitening remedies from cosmetic dentistry providers near you customizing at-home trays explicitly for your mouth and teeth. The dentist provides the trays with whitening gel and instructions on how and when to use them for teeth whitening at home.

While you receive help from in-office teeth whitening, offering you a faster process, you also need at-home bleaching if you have significantly stained teeth.

As a smoker, you can expect the results from professional whitening treatments to last for a year if you also receive regular dental cleanings that help remove plaque, tartar, and stains from your teeth.

How Can I Smoke without Straining My Teeth?

Smoking without staining your teeth is practically impossible unless you are diligent with your dental hygiene, especially if you want to minimize or remove the stains from your teeth. You can expect to bleach your teeth twice as much compared to non-smokers and must invest in professional whitening remedies from dentists instead of relying on alternative methods.

Besides getting teeth whitening remedies more often, you must also schedule six monthly appointments with your dentist for dental cleanings when the dental hygienist removes all stains on your teeth by polishing them with gritty toothpaste and an electric toothbrush to leave your teeth looking brighter.

Smoking and stains on the teeth are synonymous with each other. If you smoke, you must expect your teeth to discolor and appear yellow or brown. Therefore the optimal option is to invest in dentists who provide professional in-office treatments for whitening teeth and request at-home whitening trays dispensed by dentists to maintain the results you achieve from in-office treatments.

Tobacco smoke is unlike tea or coffee, also staining agents that you can have by using a straw for drinking them. You suck on a cigarette or any other similar product using your lips, and the smoke contacts your teeth immediately after it enters your mouth. Even as you exhale, the smoke passes around your teeth, leaving stains on them to make them appear discolored. Therefore you are confronting a severe challenge requiring you to either invest in expensive dental treatments or quit the habit of smoking altogether to safeguard your dental, overall, and financial health. Which option you choose is entirely at your discretion. However, if you prefer the best for yourself, we are confident you will select the first option that is best for you.

If you want teeth whitening treatments for discolored teeth from smoking, uSmile family dentistry provides effective remedies besides offering cessation techniques to overcome the habit of smoking. Kindly schedule an appointment with them to benefit from their treatment.